The 360 ​​° interface to Google for Jobs

Would you like to automatically publish job advertisements on Google for Jobs, integrate key figures into your BI system or read out keywords for SEO optimization?

With the SEO for Jobs API you get all information about Google for Jobs from a single source.

API Reference

What makes the interface special?

Anyone who has ever dealt intensively with how job advertisements are listed on Google for Jobs has surely stumbled upon terms such as structured data , Google Indexing API and various instructions .

There are many little things to consider for an optimal listing of job postings on Google. Missing logos, bad formatting or lack of up-to-date job advertisements are not uncommon.

We at SEO for Jobs are specialists in the field of Google for Jobs and have dealt intensively with the matter since the beginning.

The SEO for Jobs API combines all the know-how in a central interface and ensures optimal results at Google for Jobs .

Developers will love this interface!

In addition to the pure publishing, updating and deletion of jobs on Google for Jobs, the interface also provides information on click figures , keywords and rankings , which can be used to optimize job advertisements and integrated into your analytics dashboard.

API Reference

Submit job advertisements to Google automatically

Many companies work with a central system to publish job advertisements on their own careers page. Special applicant management systems or content management systems such as Wordpress , Drupal , Joomla or Typo3 are usually used here.

With the SEO for Jobs API, you have all the tools at hand to synchronize your systems with Google for Jobs . This minimizes the maintenance effort and annoying and error-prone copy & paste are a thing of the past.

Integration in Analytics

With an error-free and controllable listing of your job advertisements on Google's job exchange, the basic requirements are in place.

With key figures such as clicks, search terms and positioning of the job advertisements, you can determine how well your job advertisements are performing on Google. These KPIs also serve as the basis for optimization in order to achieve even better results.

All this information can also be queried via the SEO for Jobs API and, for example, integrated into your existing BI system or reporting dashboard .

  1. Flexible integration into existing systems

  2. Retrieval of performance data

  3. Clean listing of job advertisements on Google for Jobs

  4. All interfaces combined in one API

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